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Find out more about the Eco Animal Encounters animal collection!

We are home to a huge variety of snakes, lizards, tortoises, amphibians and invertebrates which are used for the various services that we offer.  Find out more about the animals that we keep by clicking on the pictures below.

Our. Collection.

Reptile Collection Venomous Snakes lizards amphibians invertabrates cobra pit viper breeding taipans chameleon frog tarantula
Panther Chameleon, albino checkered garter snake, king snake, royal python, boa constrictor, chile rose tarantula, african bull frog, whites tree frog, hissing cockroaches
Malaysian king cobra ophiophagus hannah venomous snake papuan taipan oxyurnaus scutellatus canni microlepidotus acanthophis antarcticus naja kaouthia monocled cobra midlands reptiles
snake reptile lizard breeding incubation taipan cobra python

Reptiles, Amphibians,

and Invertebrates

We are to a home a wide range of interesting and friendly species of reptile, amphiban and invertabrate species, that are used for our animal handling workshops, childrens birthday parties, educational talks and more! From Chameleons to tortoises, bullfrogs to pythons and everything in between - we have it all!

Venomous Snakes

Learn more about Eco Animal Encounters collection of venomous snakes, predominantly made up of Asian venomous snakes. Our current collection includes king cobras, Siamese peninsular pit vipers, Hagen's pit vipers and monocled cobras.


Every year we breed a number of reptiles, and in particular snakes. Our successes over the years have included Papuan taipans, Borneo short-tailed pythons, spotted and childrens pythons, monocled cobras, and Chinese and Malaysian king cobras.

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